Rocking the Inflatable Kayak through the Rapids!

Inflatable Kayak Trip down the Lower Slocan River

I arrived at Endless Adventure in Crescent Valley with my friends feeling stoked – and nervous! We were about to embark on a trip the staff at Endless Adventure had described as their most thrilling and adrenaline-inducing tour – the Guide Your Own trip down the lower Slocan River! Once inside the shop, the friendly staff had us sign waivers, and suit up in wetsuits, life jackets, and helmets. We were ready to get on the river!

The sun was beating down as we carried our inflatable kayaks across the road over to the Slocan River. The anticipation of cooling off in the refreshing water surmounted the butterflies in my stomach – but only for a moment. At the beach, our guides enthusiastically explained and demonstrated safety procedures and techniques. Despite my nerves, I felt energized by the beauty of the sunny river in front of me and our guide’s confident demeanor.

As soon as we got in the boats and started a bit of paddling practice in and out of the eddy, my friends and I started to relax and the laughter and giggles ensued. Our guide gathered us together and explained the game plan – we were to head down the river through the first set of rapids, and group together in the next eddy!

I aimed my boat down the middle of the rapids, and started paddling hard! The whitewater bounced my kayak beneath me and I remembered what the guide had said – keep paddling for maximum control! I paddled like mad and made it through the wave, then I dipped my paddle in and swung my craft around to get in the eddy behind the guide – grinning from ear to ear!

Once our group recollected we headed off again! We were paddling down a calm stretch of the river that our guide described as the “calm before the storm”. We were about to head into the Fachinas – an S shaped bend of the river with the biggest rapids we would see yet! I made it past House Rock with no problems, around a tight bend in the river and through the next waves. Everything was fine – until I hit a monster wave (what I later learned was called Turbo Cranker) The giant wave bucked my boat and I fell off into the swirling whitewater abyss! All I could hear was the guides voice in my head – remain calm, grab on to your craft! In a spilt second, our safety kayak was there beside me to instruct me. I clambered back into my boat and started laughing in relief. I left Endless Adventure that day feeling giddy, tired, refreshed, and stoked that I had one more thing crossed off my bucket list!