Safety and Equipment

Our grounds have recently been updated to accommodate accessibility needs. Larger change rooms with padded floors, Wheelchair accessible ramps to access our booking team, and marked parking for accessible vehicles close to the action. We have also invested in quick release high back seats to support upper body strength when enjoying a raft seat or inflatable kayak. Leg floats are used in cases where our guests are unable to keep their feet above water in defensive swimming situations. We also have removable seats in our transport vehicles and can accommodate wheelchairs and other assist or support devices. We will continue to grow and research innovative solutions to remove barriers to river fun. The equipment has been tested and tried by our team to ensure safety and comfort to our guests.

Float Test

Any trips on the lower Slocan require a basic float test to ensure that participants are comfortable in water. This is a simple and essential step to guarantee a safe experience. All participants must be able to perform a “defensive swim position” laying in the water face up with toes and/or knees above water. We have leg floats available for those who need them in order to keep legs afloat.

Mobility Requirements

Rafters must be able to travel 160 feet (50 m) from the base of operations to the Adventure Kayak Tour or River Rafting Tour put in. The terrain we experience in our tours ranges from asphalt to hard packed, 3 meter wide dirt trails with occasional roots and rocks. The river take out where we disembark the raft is a distance of 30ft (10m) to the shuttle vehicle. For our Gentle Cruise, the put in is 30ft (10m) from the vehicle with a 15 degree decline to the river and a 160 ft (50m) mixed dirt pack to asphalt to the finish point. Our dedication to inclusivity means we have adaptive equipment available for those with mobility challenges and are open to creative solutions. Our guides and staff are trained to assist in boarding and disembarking the rafts or shuttle vehicles as comfortably as possible.


If you have medical conditions that require medication, our guides will be informed and ready to accommodate your needs. Safety is our top priority, and we’re here to make your experience as worry-free as possible. If you must take your medications with you on the water, please let us know in advance. Your guide can provide a dry bag or space in our first aid kits to protect them during the journey.

Our Team

We are here to support your journey to the river. Both our on and off water staff are committed and trained to meet your needs as best as we can. We may not be able to accommodate everyone all the time but we will try our best to find solutions to barriers.

Send us an email or call at (877) 386-8181 to start your journey to experience the magic the river can offer.