Policy as of July 12, 2022

Tours: 48hr in advance full refund

Less than 24 hours or no show, no refund
Courses & Including Youth: $150 non refundable deposit. If a cancellation is made within 24 hours of course start there are no refunds.
Rental: 24hrs in advance full refund
Minimum charge of $15 for less than 24hrs or no show on rentals.

Safe exciting experience. Certified guides and professional instructors. Expect to get wet, learn something new and have a memorable time.

Local Lakes, Arrow, Slocan and Kootenay. River boards and kayaks are available to those that have experience.

Swim suit, quick dry clothing and proper footwear otherwise we can provide river booties for $3. Avoid wearing cotton.
Appropriate safety equipment, wetsuits and splash jackets are available.

Rain or shine you’ll have a good time. Trips may be cancelled or postponed due to severe weather storms.

Meet at Endless Adventure 1286 HWY 6 N, Crescent Valley BC. (Tel: 250-359-8181)

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All the safety equipment, helmet, life jacket and paddle. On colder days we provide a Farmer John wetsuit for thermal protection. Please bring your own river ready footwear (old sneakers, booties, secure sandals otherwise we can provide river booties for $3.

On the weekend courses only. Food vender in close proximity.

Endless Adventure is committed to offering our range of tours and courses to guests with accessibility challenges on a case by case basis.  We have adaptive tools and techniques available and will modify our systems to adapt to your needs as long as we can safely do so.

Education – Our booking team will take you step by step through our service offerings to see if it is a match for you.  We will provide information on weight limits, equipment used, transportation and logistics, support staff and access.   Please call or email to start our conversation and get you on the water!

Information– We are committed to ensuring you have all the information needed to feel confident and safe that your experience will be positive and comfortable and you have the knowledge to enjoy your tour or course.

Cooperation– Once you contact our team at Endless Adventure, we will listen and learn about your wishes, concerns, needs and how we can adapt to share our experiences with you.

Adaptation– Endless Adventure has a wide range of different river and lake equipment to meet the needs of our guests.  We have single and double inflatable sit on top kayaks, plastic hard shell sit open top kayaks, rafts, river boards, stand up paddle boards, and a range of different sized rafts to meet your needs.  Our team has knowledge and experience in adaptive tours but understands every guest is different and we aim to cater to the individual(s) needs and goals.

Our goals is to provide simple solutions for adaptive challenges and work with the guest from initial inquiry to amazing experience.  We will be with you every step of the way to ensure you are confident, knowledgeable, and ready for the experience ahead.  Reach out to our team to get your journey underway and enjoy the magic of our waterways.

Water Safety

The upper stretches of the Slocan River are perfect for a leisurely float on a sunny summer day. It’s important to respect the river and follow these basic guidelines to ensure a safe trip.

  1. Take out of the river before or at Crescent Valley Beach Park. River sections below this area become dangerous for boating craft at any water level.
  2. Best boating season is mid-July to mid-September. River levels are usually high and water temperature is cold outside of this time frame.
  3. There are numerous safe access points along the float section of the Slocan including the Village of Slocan, Perrys Siding Bridge, Winlaw Bridge, Passmore Bridge, and Slocan Park Bridge. Parking is available as well as waste facilities and info maps.
  4. Leave no trace. Pack out what you pack in. Mesh bags for recyclables and waste are available at participating stores along the river access points.
  5. Bring water, sun screen, and snacks. Float trips almost always exceed time expectations, so be prepared.
  6. Drink responsibly.
  7. The best boating craft are the ones that will withstand punctures and other mishaps. Inner tubes, water park grade tubes, and rafts are suitable. Explorer 200 and similar models are cheap and may contribute to the river garbage problem, leaving the passenger to walk the river instead of float.
  8. Stay away from log hazards and smaller river channels
  9. Youth and non-swimmers should wear PFDs at all times.
  10. Be respectful to adjacent land owners and fellow Floaters.