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Endless Adventure Inc


Operation Protocols

15th of May 2021

Our Commitment

At Endless Adventure we take your safety very seriously. It is committed to our staff, our guests and our family to stay healthy and safe.  As we brave these new times, rest assured that we are taking the utmost care and precautions to encourage self exploration and continue small guided group excursions. Here are some of the things to expect for the summer of 2021.

  • Courses: We have introduced specialized guest instructors to guest instruct.
  • All guests will pay the same rate. No youth or group rates are available due to the new capacity limitation in place to keep us all safe.

We recognize this will be a unique summer for all. Please know we will do our best to help keep everyone safe and have an enjoyable summer.

Owners and Staff

Work practices have been altered to minimize exposure, such as practicing physical distancing and enhancing cleaning protocols. The staff is trained and provided with resources to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Our team will:

  1. Confirm their health prior to coming to work.
  2. Provide leniency and flexibility with sick days.
  3. Be committed to offering the most transparent communication with guests.
  4. Be committed to following new standards of sanitation.
  5. Be aware of the importance of physical distancing (2 m apart)
  6. Following cleaning protocols for all equipement. Clean, dry darin all equipment after each use.
  7. Set up equipment to accommodate physical distancing and accessibility
  8. Offer a flexible cancellation policy for tours only.

We ask of our Guests

Together we can still have fun and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are committed to keeping you safe and now we need to be assured that you are too. Please consider the following.

  1. Less Faces: Booking a tour with your immediate family/household.
  2. Open Spaces: Please give physical space to our staff as we prepare you for your excursion.
  3. Patience: Please bear with us while we pivot our policies to adhere to the provincial mandate as the season progresses.
  4. Staying Safe: Be upfront if you have symptoms of COVID-19, such as coughing, fever, sore throat, or sneezing. Please self-isolate at home for at least 10 days after onset of symptoms, as well as anyone advised by public health to self-isolate.
  5. Staying Healthy: Please wash your hands upon arrival and follow our guidelines.


Bookings and Reservations

Here are some questions and things to consider prior to booking

    • What Day?
    • What Time? (Rafting has specific dates & timing)
    • What type of reservations? (Rentals, Guided Tour or Instruction)
    • How many in your party? (Consider family/ household/small groups. “Your Bubble”
    • Consider payment by credit card or through the website. For a touch less experience.
    • Provide your contact information including email & phone.
    • Our address is still the same but we have downsized. The location of our facility/ check in, is now located at the far right of the parking lot. Please consider the public washroom is across the street at Crescent Valley Beach.
    • We will have an on-site hand washing station.
    • Answer the questions: Do you have symptoms of COVID-19, such as sore throat, fever, sneezing, or coughing? Have you recently traveled from a high risk zone and should be isolating? (Please note, that anyone who answers yes to these questions will be unable to join the trip that day and will receive a full refund.)

Tours and Rentals
“On arrival please follow signs and look for you reserved area if you pre booked.”


    • Full day rentals only
    • Pre-booking is recommended. Your spot will not be guaranteed until you have paid the rental cost in full.
    • Rentals package will be ready at time requested and easy to access.
    • Flexible returning times and secure after hours locations.
    • Refunds will be issued for Covid cancellations only. Re-booking will be the alternative.

River Trips

    • Rafting trips will be a limit of 6 per boat (Your Bubble).
    • Be prepared to wear masks.
    • Keeping distance when possible, including the shuttle vehicle
    • Please consider parking at the regional park across the street for effective spacing in our compact packing lot.
    • If you have symptoms of COVID-19  you will be asked to refrain from joining the trip and will receive a full refund.


Shuttle Protocols

  • All drivers and passengers will be required to wear face masks which will be provided.
  • Physical distancing of 2 meters will be enforced when possible. Extra space will be encouraged between drivers and passengers
  • Apply hand sanitizer pre and post trip.
  • Shuttle vehicle interiors will be cleaned and high-touch surfaces sanitized before and after every trip.


Courses and Instruction

Local Lakes, Arrow, Slocan and Kootenay. River boards and kayaks are available to those that have experience.

Swim suit, quick dry clothing and proper foot wear. Avoid cotton.
Appropriate safety equipment, wetsuits and splash jackets are available.

Rain or shine you’ll have a good time. Trips may be cancelled or postponed do to severe weather storms.

Meet at Endless Adventure 1286 HWY 6 N, Crescent Valley BC. (Tel: 250-359-8181)

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All the safety equipment, helmet, life jacket and paddle.

On the weekend courses only. Food vender in close proximity.

Tours: 48hr in advance full refund
Less than 48hrs you will be charged $25 per person.
Including no show.

Courses & Including Youth: $150 non refundable deposit.

Rental: 24hr in advance full refund
Minimum charge of $15 for no show on rentals.

Water Safety

The upper stretches of the Slocan River are perfect for a leisurely oat on a sunny summer day. It’s important to respect the river and follow these basic guidelines to ensure a safe trip.

  1. Take out of the river before or at Crescent Valley Beach Park. River sections below this area become dangerous for boating craft at any water level.
  2. Best boating season is mid-July to mid-September. River levels are usually high and water temperature is cold outside of this time frame.
  3. There are numerous safe access points along the float section of the Slocan including the Village of Slocan, Perrys Siding Bridge, Winlaw Bridge, Passmore Bridge, and Slocan Park Bridge. Parking is available as well as waste facilities and info maps.
  4. Leave no trace. Pack out what you pack in. Mesh bags for recyclables and waste are available at participating stores along the river access points.
  5. Bring water, sun screen, and snacks. Float trips almost always exceed time expectations, so be prepared.
  6. Drink responsibly.
  7. The best boating craft are the ones that will withstand punctures and other mishaps. Inner tubes, water park grade tubes, and rafts are suitable. Explorer 200 and similar models are cheap and may contribute to the river garbage problem, leaving the passenger to walk the river instead of float.
  8. Stay away from log hazards and smaller river channels
  9. Youth and non-swimmers should wear PFDs at all times.
  10. Be respectful to adjacent land owners and fellow Floaters.