The Adventure Rafting Tour

A fun and safe wave riding experience that you won't forget

Raft the lower Slocan River. Start your trip at Crescent Valley Beach. Paddle through initiation rapid, go for the surf through the elevator waves, practice your maneuvering with your team and be ready to challenge the thrilling Faccina rapids. Finish up navigating Lo’s Lumber Yard.

FULL DAY: Your not done yet… Take the Silver Surfer Adventure Van back to the starting point. We break for a 30 min rest to grab lunch and rehydrate for round two.

On a warm summer day bring swim wear, sun block & water. We can provide wetsuits and splash jackets. If you have suitable footwear bring them along otherwise we will provide river booties and safety gear (paddle, PFD, helmet). Feel free to bring a fleece sweater if rafting in the fall and early summer.

Rafting & Tours

Trip type: Half Day River Adventure

Duration: 2.5hrs

Start times: 10am & 1pm

Availability: May - Sept

Class of river: III

Half Day:

$59 per person

$20+ for an inflatable kayak

*Suitable for ages 5+ and at least 50 lbs.