Youth Kayak Academy

This course has challenged youth from the Kootenays and beyond for over a decade. In the morning the young paddlers can expect to take a slow progressed out look on whitewater kayaking. Starting in the lake, learning about the equipment, basic paddling techniques and wet safety exits. Over the next couple of days, the students graduate to the river. Studying  currents and eddy lines. By the end of the week, the paddlers run different sections of the Slocan river in either a plastic or inflatable kayak, depending on their comfort level.

The afternoon is packed with learning to Paddle Board, Jr. Raft Guide training, ropes and rescues. By the end of the week, your child will have gained confidence on moving water and have connected with similar minded youth. We offer this program to a wide age group to accommodate all skills levels. With the return of alumni students we have the capacity for group splits and one on one sessions.

Youth Week specializes in group leadership, rescue techniques and kayak fitness. Students learn basic paddle strokes and concepts, river safety, how to roll, and more.

Suitable for ages 8-13.

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Course type: Youth

Duration: 5 Days

Start times - Full days: 9am - 4pm

Availability:  July 25-29 & Aug 8-12

Class of river: II - III+

All Week: