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Water levels can vary. This blog is only suggestions on where to go when the water is warm and at a lower level Mid July – Aug. Please be smart, paddle with a friend and know before you go.

Slocan Pools- Flatwater Destination

South Slocan access: Map Directions
Description: Only a 5 minute drive from Endless Adventure, this is a great spot to spend the day or go for a quick afternoon paddle with our sit-on-top recreational kayaks, paddle boards, or touring kayaks. The water is calm with some mild current and boasts beautiful scenery and pebbled beaches. It is close to amenities such as the The Dam Inn Restaurant where you can stop on the way for a pre or post paddle meal. Awesome wings, burgers, and local beer of course. Nelson and Castlegar are both 20 minutes away.

Lower Arrow Lake- Flatwater Destination

Syringa access:  Map Directions
Description: Ideal spot to take touring kayaks for extra comfort and dry storage space for a day trip. Originally distinct from the Upper Arrow Lake in Nakusp, the two lakes joined into a 200 km long continuous body of water after the construction of the Hugh Keenlyside dam. The access from Syringa Provincial Park is only 20 minutes from Castlegar.  Further up the lake near the community of Deer Park is a natural arch. Said to be the largest in Canada with an opening over 30 meters high. It is accessed only by boat. The gravel road access to Deer Park is well-maintained. Continue on and the ghost town of Renata, abandoned due to the flooding from the dam, lies on the west side of the lake. It is typically accessed by boat as the road is difficult. Read more about some of the Arrow Lakes communities including Renata here:

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The Slocan River

paddling on the slocan river.


Perry’s Bridge to Winlaw Bridge- Flat water Class I

Upper Slocan River access:  Map Directions
Float time: 1.5-3 hrs depending on water level
Description: The water on this beautiful section of the Slocan is like glass. Float over a sandy river bottom and pass by numerous small beaches along the way. Perfect for a relaxing paddle to enjoy the scenery and wildlife. This is a great option for those with no paddling experience as there are few hazards. Try out a touring kayak, paddle board, or sit-on-top recreational kayak. Look out for the occasional log or sweeper tree which will be easy to avoid. Just before Winlaw bridge, you will pass by the Winlaw Regional Nature Park equipped with picnic tables, washroom facilities, and forested paths to explore.

Passmore Bridge to Slocan Park Bridge- Class I-II (Wishlow Rapids)

Passmore Bridge River access: Map Directions
Float time: 1 hr
Description: A short section of the Slocan River with a couple short sections of mild rapids the most notable just before the green bridge in Slocan Park. Take an inflatable kayak for the most stability, a sit-on-top recreational kayak, or a paddle board if you have river paddling experience. Beautiful scenery, clear waters, and abundant wildlife. There is a resident osprey who you can see nested above the Passmore bridge at the put-in. This is also a popular area for tubing. Check out our tips for tubing the Slocan here: [tubing blog]

Slocan Park Bridge to Crescent Valley Beach- Class I-II (Mild)

Slocan Park access:  Map Directions
Float time: 2-3 hrs
Description: A longer section with a few mild rapids. Great for our sit-on-top recreational kayaks, inflatable kayaks, or try a paddle board! There are plenty of beautiful small beaches to stop at along the way. Be sure to steer clear of log pilings when you begin nearing Crescent Valley. If you are not familiar with the area, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the take-out so as not to miss the eddy on the left shore by Crescent Valley Beach. Again, as soon as the water warms up and the days are hot, this area is abundant with tubers. See the Tubing the Slocan River for more information.


Robson to Genelle
Robson access: Map Directions 
Description: There is an abundance of landmarks and cultural features along this section. Put-in at the old ferry landing across from the iconic Lion’s Head Pub. A favourite local watering hole for craft beer. Here are a few other places we like to drink beer! After the paddling adventure of course. On the river, you will pass by Waldie Island, a protected blue heron sanctuary. In addition to birds, sturgeon are also visible in the waters of the Columbia in May and June. Keep an eye out for our SUP Sturgeon Tour. [link here] There is also an old train bridge which you will pass under. You can learn more about its history on our Columbia Heritage Tour [link here]. Next up is Millenium Park which hosts beautiful walking paths, and river fed swimming ponds. Continue on and you’ll pass Zuckerberg Island at the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia rivers. For a more in-depth cultural experience, consider our Zuckerberg Island Float and Dinner .