Inflatable Kayak River Trip


Inflatable Kayak River Trip

Want something more then a RAFT TRIP?  This exciting I.K. ride is for you!

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This is our unique adventure tour that combines rafting with kayaking. Interested in the sport of kayaking? This trip doubles as a learn to kayak and high adventure river journey!  Explore the river in either one person or  tandem stable inflatable kayak. Learn basic strokes and concepts, how to surf, and navigate the river. Brave the rapids in your own craft while professional kayak guides lead the way and offer safety support. Appropriate for ages 12 and up. Must be a good swimmer, previous rafting or river experience is suggested.

Group discounts available for 8 or more people. Everyone receives the youth rate!

Half Day 2.5hr *$79 adults, $59 children (under 16)
Full Day 4.5hr *$99 adults, $79 children (under 16)

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bring your swimwear and a sense of adventure we provide the rest, this trip involves swimming, floating, paddling your kayak, and surfing waves. If you have river footwear or buckle sandals bring them if not we provide river booties.