River Paddle Boarding

Level 2

Meet your paddle board instructor at Endless Adventure in Crescent Valley. Expect to gear up and travel by shuttle upstream of the Slocan River. We will warm up with on land with a safety talk and stretch. In this course we refresh on our flat water skills and introduce new river techniques. Learn to control your the board with your legs and maneuver with confidence. Strengthen your stroke and prepare for reading the river, catching eddie lines and learn to river surf. Feel safe and gain confidence with your certified professional paddle board instructor.

Suitable for ages 15 and up


Course type: Paddle Boarding

Duration: 4hrs

Start times: Sundays 10:00am - 2:00pm

Availability:Saturdays July 14 & Aug 4

Class of river: II

$80 per person with gear

$65 per person using own equipment